The Reflections of a Snow Fox (bushi_no_nasake) wrote,
The Reflections of a Snow Fox

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Tiny Lords

With courtly black hats
Bold heian nobles take flight
In beige feathered robes

With a swift flutter of silvered feathers, an ever intrepid chickadee perched a mere inch from my hand, studying me. After a nonchalant moment, the curious black capped little scholar finally bobbed its head in approval, carefully selecting a seed from between my fingers. Instead of flittering off it stayed on the feeder I was attempting to fill, pecking the ebony sunflower shell open with quick, poised strokes. Another joined it, landing with an elegant flourish, and the two began a thoughtful conversation of inquisitive chirps. Of all the birds that frequented the forest, they were unquestionably the most endearing.
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