The Reflections of a Snow Fox (bushi_no_nasake) wrote,
The Reflections of a Snow Fox

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The Messenger

Noble call piercing
A hawk waits in our garden
To greet this dawn fox

Before the sky had lightened beyond a soft silver hue, I was awakened by a bird of prey's unmistakable cry, boldly shattering the meditative pre-morning stillness. With a smile of realization I quietly hurried outside, pulling on my azure robe as I slipped down the stairs and onto the dewy deck. Perching on our rose of sharon tree, the small sharp-shinned hawk called out again, and I was overcome with delight, having deeply missed the two different raptors that frequented our backyard. With a final, fierce triumphant cry he alighted into the air and soared into the still shadowed forest.
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