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Life Defying Death

Tragedy born, who
will care for the trembling fawn
Beside the doe's corpse?

Dark concrete covered in brilliant streaks of carnelian, the deer lay lifelessly beside the road, centered in a crimson puddle. Her velvet coat shone like golden mahogany in the late afternoon sunlight, svelte limbs and delicate ankles frozen at awkward angles. An unintentional funeral procession of cars trafficked past slowly, pulling out of her lane to avoid the squad car parked in front of her body. As we drove past I turned, glimpsing a heart wrenching scene: A lone police officer kneeled protectively over a new born fawn, apparently birthed from the trauma of its mother's death, still too young to even stand. He cradled its struggling body affectionately with one hand and used the other to calmly call in with a walkie-talkie. Having nothing truly useful to contribute aside from prayers for the death of one creature and the life of another, we could only drive on.
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